Staffing Resources

Our Services

Everyday our representatives, together with our clients, work out flexible cost-saving solutions to staffing and workload management challenges. Staffing Resources provides businesses with an important management resource to handle:

Employee absences
Seasonal workloads
Variable production schedules
Complete new hire processes
Skill shortages
Special projects

Partnering with Staffing Resources

Staffing Resources uses an advanced, industry specific, computerized skill match system to qualify applicants based on their skill sets. This computerized system, coupled with our massive database of over 70k applicants and our in-depth personal interview, allows us to respond quickly and effectively to client needs. In addition to our current pool of applicants, we are continuously recruiting to find the best available candidates. It is our attention to our client's needs that makes Staffing Resources a comprehensive staffing service. Feel confident that as your company changes and your needs expand, Staffing Resources will be able to handle every placement and position you may require.

All of the detailed systems we have in place work for one good reason. The most important reason for selecting Staffing Resources as your supplier of choice...Dedication. Our trained, professional staff is dedicated to finding ways to not only meet, but exceed your expectations. Using our extended work force helps control your operating costs by maximizing worker productivity. Staffing Resources recruits and hires employees based on requirements set by you, the client.



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